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Discover our Croatian Influencer @natalijaugrina 📸 😍

September 17, 2018

Introduce yourself !



I am a Croatian fashion model and actress living in Los Angeles!


How did you become a influencer ?


I've been modeling for years and being a model and influencer kinda goes together these days! At the beginning, I was posting on Instagram just for fun and people would always ask me "What am I wearing?" "What make up am I using?" etc., so when the brands started approaching me, I sad to myself "Why not?". So far, being an influencer is been a great ride and it's really a lifestyle!


What category are you focused in ?




Why ? 


I post work photos, fashion, beauty and travel...my Instagram is very versatile and so am I! I am a Gemini and I have tons of interests :)



How do you balance your public and private life?


Social media has became a huge part of my life and it's really hard to go keep things private, but there is one thing I do keep secret and it's my love life


What difficulties do you encounter most often as an influencer?


There are days that you just don't wanna post anything and you're not in the mood of taking pictures, but being an influencer is a job like any other, and there are deadlines that you have to meet,so you have to get up, put your make up on and look pretty!


What is your best advice for Instagram use ?


Don't go crazy and stream your whole life! Choose quality over quantity, one great photo every two days is much better than 5 mediocre photos.


How much do you post a week and where do you get your inspirations from?


I generally post 2-3 times a week and sometimes more, depending on what's going on in my life. If I'm traveling to beautiful places, I might post few times a day! I think I get most of my inspirations by just being in LA...it is such a colorful city and there are so many great places to shoot.


What is your most frequently used #hashtag ?


I would say #croatian :) Even though I've been in the United States for years now and it's my home, I always try to give some boost to the small but super beautiful country I come from








Who would you be if you were a movie star?


I love the old Hollywood glamour so Vivien Leigh would be my pick


What is your favorite Instagram account?


I love following @hudabeauty make up advices


What has been your best event as an Influencer?


Free hotel stay :) Travel is my thing!







Thanks to our influencer Natalija for answering our questions! :)


To see more of her social media:


Instagram :



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