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The All-in-one Persian Writer and Entrepreneur 🌸✍🏽👠 @herosheemaz

August 23, 2018

Discover our enthusiastic lifestyle blogger & entrepreneur 💕 @herosheemaz ,



Introduce yourself !
I’m a Persian American blogger based in CA, United States. Social Media marketing associate, fashion enthusiast, entrepreneur, humanitarian worker and writer.


How did you become an Influencer?
I started blogging by writing funny stories about ridiculous and at the same time, important issues in my culture. It was all about twitting, writing and memes. Then I started sharing funny captions with my own photos and noticed getting followers from different nations! While being excited I changed my content from whole Persian to English Persian and sometimes adding other languages that I know (spanish, French, Turkish) so I’d motivate others to learn, share, travel and talk. By now, I use my platform talking about women empowerment and informing my followers about existing issues. 

What category are you focused in ?



Why did you choose that category?


When I started building content I had no idea what’s the best, so I post different categories with different concepts and playing with timze zones to find the best timezone for my blog. Surprisingly I watched growth in my following by just practicing what to post! Then I polled this question of what is most liked by them and found out they actually like my lifestyle ideas, tutorials and captions! For instance, I can’t focus only on Women’s Fashion while 50% of my followers are males. 


How do you balance your public and private life?
Not easy at all! Specially when my family and friends take some posts personally and come up with funny arguments, LOL, well .. there was nothing to explain from the first place because I definitely did not see my growth on social media in past. So I let them recognise the difference by time :) 


What difficulties do you encounter most often as an influencer?
Time! Friends and Family think I spend too much time online, I know the time I put on, this is an investment for my niche. 


What is your best advice for Instagram use ?
Use best quality photos.
Use perfect hashtags.
Try to be informative.
Be supportive to other influencers.
Be yourself, never try to do what others do! Trust me, by being you there is always thousands of peope out there who’d fall in love with You! 
Engage with your followers.
Do not go fake :) 


How much do you post a week and where do you get your inspirations from?
I try to post at least every other day. 
I get inspired by the hot topics of day and giving my own point of view adding a little bit of sense of humour even when I’m posting an angry or sad content. It alwasy takes the bitter and gives some highlights to my character :) 


What is your most frequently used #hashtag ?





Who would you be if you were a movie star?
Jennifer Aniston 


What is your favorite Instagram account?


What has been your best event as an Influencer? 
So far, the one I am promoting myself as a women empowerment event by fashion, which is on first stage 


Tell us about your plans for this summer ? ⛱️️
Lots of big stuff is happening! So far 3 different vacations spots, launching my foundation, learning sign language, moving and planning on buying a house! 




Thanks to our influencer @herosheemaz for answering our questions!


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