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The Afro-European Talent! ✈️⚡️💼👞✨ - in 🇺🇸

July 26, 2018

🇬🇧 Discover our traveller and fashion fanatic 👞 Our all in one international Influencer @mikhaeloff ⚡️


Introduce yourself !
I am Alexandre Mikhael, young Afro-European entrepreneur, designer, traveler, art and fashion lover. I am also interested in politics and global change. I have recently launched my own brand named Davinci Mickhaelson which is an international luxurious lifestyle, clothing & accessory brand


How did you become an Influencer?
I started instagram as a hobbie, and it quickly turned into a business


What category are you focused in ?


Why did you choose that category?
Although I see myself on multiple fields, I am more into fashion than anything else 



How do you balance your public and private life?

Well, it's very simple. On my instagram profile it is more about myself, my friends, and few of my family members, and that doesn't include my parents nor my business partners. Not that I want to hide them but it's more about respecting their privacy. 


What difficulties do you encounter most often as an influencer?

People expect you to respond to their direct messages on time and if you don't, they tend to think that you are just ignoring them and they sometimes, express their dissatisfaction in disrespectful ways. But what the public need to understand is that when you receive more than 100 DM's everyday, the line is not the shortest.


What is your best advice for Instagram use ?

The best advice I could give is to be yourself. Be you, share YOUR interest. By that, I mean be authentic. Do not try to copy or imitate someone. However, you can get inspired by their contents. Be you, do you, and get the audience that shares the same interests.

How much do you post a week and where do you get your inspirations from?

I must confess, I do not post as much as I would like to. Because finding the right balance between Instagram, school, work and quality time with my family is not an easy task.When it comes to inspiration, it usually comes from landscapes, paintings, fashion, designs, etc...


What is your most frequently used #hashtag ?

My most frequent hashtag is my name #ALEXANDREMIKHAEL




What is your favorite Instagram account?

I have 4 favorites accounts;@henrydanis ,@eunyce_sr, @pricyah , and of course @davincimickhaelson





Tell us about your plans for this summer ? ⛱️️


This summer I will release a special collection at Davinci Mikhaelson and I also have interesting campaigns with Dan Morit Clothing Line and Olivier Boshz


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Thanks to our influencer @MIKHAELOFF for answering our questions!


If you wish to know more about our influencer: @MIKHAELOFF


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