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May 26, 2017

We are meeting @KarisRenee : Fashion Addict | Makeup Junkie | Style Influencer | Creative Director | Dessert Devourer as her Instagram's bio says !



Introduce yourself !

My specialty is style. My direction is creative. Apparel, social media, graphic, computer-aided design, product development and digital campaign execution, specifically in the fashion industry and eCommerce growth.


Describe us your style !

Streetwear chic with splashes of unique pieces. I aim to convey high end style without paying a high end price. Good style does not have to cost millions... just look like it.


Have you ever refused a deal with a brand ?

Yes. I will not work with companies that are built upon fundamentally different values than my own that I cannot confidently cosign. Realistically, I think that the influencer must agree with what a brand stands for (from style to message), as one's following is precious & irreplaceable. To put my name on something that I do not believe in would be a disservice to those who follow me, and I value that relationship very highly. 
This makes upcoming brand collaborations all the more important & exciting, as deals like this are relationship based.


What is your favorite trend of the moment ?

My favorite trend right now is large sunnies, full hair, and anything with pockets. These are all elements of my personal style that I hold dear. 
Mix & Match is a fun print, color, & texture trend that I love but have yet to successfully pull off :)
The Post-Minimalism trend is also one that I love from a far (Think Solange Knowles). This amount of volume is not right for me just yet, but I'm obsessed with it.

Sleeve Slits & Hem Accents are personal favorites that I try to incorporate wherever I can. Prabal Gurung can do no wrong with me.


Where your inspiration is coming from ?

Street style, vintage shops, music artists, fashion week, and retro photo albums


If you were a piece of clothing ?

If I were a piece of clothing, I'd be an exposed shoulder, lace bell sleeve blouse with perfect clavicle view.



A country ?

France. In November.


If you had a super power which one would you choose ?



What are your influences ? Your models ?

Interior design, anything Knowles, tattoo art, metallics, pop art, coffee table fashion books, record shops, fabric stores.


How long do you need to make a perfect #selfie ?

Anywhere from 2 to 200 seconds. I've slayed both ways successfully. 


What's your favorite emoji ? ️

(applicable for both sarcasm & real life)


What is your usual #SundayRoutine ?

-Morning tea or coffee
-Home photo shoot
-Style inspo sesh 
-Graphic design // blog // PR // media work
-Cocktail + Movie
-Dread upcoming Monday




And how do you start your #WorkDay ? ️

With anxiety :)

-Wake up (not so flawless)
-Steep tea in to-go thermos
-Go through outfit drafts (typically 1-4)
-Print shipping labels for items I've sold online & round up fashion items to ship
-Rush out (hopefully with my tea & successful outfit)


What is your music of the moment ?

Lemonade (Beyonce) + Seat at the Table (Solange) + The Chief (Jidenna) + Regina Spektor 


Where would you like to travel ? ️

Europe ASAP
Paris in the fall // Africa // Seattle // NYC // Canada // Australia // London // Tokyo


Tell us something we would be surprised to hear about you !

-I can only whistle by inhaling.
-I got into 2 Ivy League schools and chose fashion design in Texas.
-I love cheesy 80's romance novels
-My favorite activity is cancelling plans


Do you have professional projects for this year ?

Yes, but these will mainly be behind the scenes work and not so much public influencer work. 
(Entertainment production & PR for clients, social media collabs for brands I ghost-write/post for, website design & development, etc.)


Where are you now ? Makes your best selfie !




What does the #Flamingo evokes for you ?

Summer // Tall // Pink // feminine // fun // happy // unique // prints


After #Salfatix, give us 3 words with -ix !

#Salfatix (1)Drinkmatix (2)StylePix (3)Trendedmix






We would like to thank @KarisRenee for answering to our #salfatixmedia questions ! We discovered a trendy, chic and cool fashion lover who share with perfection her vision and her atmosphere ! 


Her websitehttp://www.karisrenee.com/

Her Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/karisrenee/?fref=ts

Her Instagram account : https://www.instagram.com/karisrenee/

Her Twitter : https://twitter.com/KarisRenee


Interested in our agency ? Join us !


The Websitehttps://www.salfatixmedia.com/

Our Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/salfatixmedia/?ref=bookmarks

Our Instagram account #salfatixmedia : https://www.instagram.com/salfatixmedia/

Our Twitter : https://twitter.com/salfatixmedia?lang=fr

Contact us : contact@salfatix.com



Team @salfatixmedia

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