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January 27, 2017



The interview of the day with:

The lifestyle, beautiful and exotic couple Bea and Jeremy Monnet, owners of the amazing blog Mr & Mrs Monnet.

They deliver their portrait in an exclusive interview with Salfatix Media.


Our goal: Introducing you some of our awesome Influencers for inspiration, to make you discover their various universes, with some different interviews with, each time, an original and different tone.
And, of course, to know more about the agency activities.
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You are a brand, want to gain more visibility and traffic? You are interested by one of our influencers? 


Hello @MrandMrsMonnet, who are you? 

We are a Couple lifestyle blogger working with International brands.

Where are you at the moment: Europe

What are your names?

Bea Albero I am 28 and originally from Spain

Jeremy Monnet  I am 33 from France


We have a blog since 2015 named: www.MrandMrsMonnet.com

Visitors/month: 150K visitors / 40K a month

Our Instagram has been launched in 2014

Followers: 630K all together

(@MrMonnet 214.000 followers;  @Mrandmrsmonnet 190.000 followers  ; @Beaalbero 236.000 followers)

We have an account together as a couple and a separated one for each of us

Likes: 3.200 likes min/6.000 likes max






On a business side, would you say that your blog has opened many doors for you two?

Brands such as luxury hotels prefer having bloggers than Instagramers even if Instagram brought us more deals.

We have learned everything from scratch. We were facing at a new business like a new job, a startup and we tried to be at our best everyday. We work full time and have great clients. We know that clients come and go but your knowledge stays forever. We still learn everyday (photography, negotiation, relations, relationships).

We have a professional photographer but we are still learning the Photographer’s tips basics everyday.


And on a personal side?

24Hours together. Learning by mistakes. Passionate for what we do, victory on success, we are too motivated for mistakes. We learn from each other. Everyday is a different experience and a dream. Because we travel a lot, everyday it's a new day. EVERYDAY your strength.


Which universe do you offer through your work?

Luxury I lifestyle I Travel I Fashion


If you had to describe your universe in 3 words?

#luxury #couple #fashionandtravel




Who are your influences? Your models?

Belen Hostalet Tribaldos @belenhostalet

Janni Delér @jannid

Jack Morris @doyoutravel (more as a travel influence)



Give me two bad qualities

Bea: persistent never give up always looking for a Plan B/ not patient at all I want it NOW! (ahah)

Jeremy: perfectionist really taking care of details / very patient my opposite


Have you already refused to work with a brand? If yes, why?

Yes, Many times because if its not allied with our brand image.


How many pictures shoot in 24H? 3.000 (!!!)




*Only Bea answering*

If you were:

  • An animal? a Lion

  • A song? "chantaje" from Shakira

  • A piece of clothes? White Tshirt or black jeans from Saint Laurent

  • A desert? Milk chocolate

  • A counrty?  Spain happiness in this country can't be compared

  • A beauty product? Red lipstick

  • Your mojo? Stay positive all the time  and "be the best version of you"

  • Salt or sugar? Sugar addict

  • Tea or coffee? Coffee!

  • Am or Pm? Night

  • Party/Sleepy: I can't stop working but I have diners outside ;)


 What is:

  • Your favorite BAD word? Fuck (joder in Spanish)

  • Bad quality that you forgive? I accept lies, not hard lies but I think that everyone in every circumstances needs to lie. It's hard to face every circumstance and it can be done in a self-defense attitude.

  • Habit you hate the most? "égoiste"! (ed: selfish)

  • For you the real Fashion "faux pas"? Red ties

  • Your security blanket? I had many ...

  • Your phobia? I need to have close doors and totally black / no light coming in the room when I sleep

  • Your Chinese sign? Dragon

  • 2016: It was hard beautiful year but Instagram business you never know. We have to fight a lot to bring something consistent.


Let us know something secret people would be surprised to hear about you:

I hate showing off (ahah) I wear brands for myself and not for advertisement.


Who is your icon? Kate Moss started from scratch.  She is for me THE businesswoman icon in many different ways, even with the outworld competition. She is the Before and After of many things


What are you waiting from Salfatix Media agency? New deals! But always in our framework.


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